Are you tired of seeing annoying ads while surfing the internet? By installing the СhrAds Blocker browser extension you can make your time online a lot more enjoyable. Our extension is free, it does not require registration and you can start using it in minutes. You can easily get rid of the following:

Video ADS

Ads before, after and in the middle of videos


Banners, overlays, redirects


Scams and trackers that can affect your privacy


Other Pop-ups windows


СhrAds Blocker

With the СhrAds Blocker browser extension you can increase your security, because you won't accidentally click on dangerous ads. There are many possibilities for customisation, as you decide on which sites you want to be shown ads on. With our extension, you won't miss anything important, but avoid all unnecessary ads. Moreover, you will also notice that pages will load faster when browsing. Our extension does not work as an antivirus, but removing ads will significantly reduce your chances of having problems in your browser and on your device. You are not required to do anything special, our extension simply works while you are surfing the internet.


If you decide to use our extension, we assure you that your privacy is not at risk. We take strict care to keep your information private, so we only store statistical data that is associated with your installation of our extension. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art encryption on our servers and we do not monitor your online activity in any way.

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